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DIY Aluminum Alloy Car port


Applying to foreign design idea, and catering to our customers’ functional and aesthetic demands, MRC carport has the reasonable structure, beautiful and unique appearance. Moreover, it has high strength, high durability, ultraviolet temperature prevention, and the unique split installation mode. The carport  is strong enough to bear 20cm thick of snow(60kg/m2), and can resist level 12 wind (about 35m/s).

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The main frame is aluminum 6063, which has a high corrosion resistance. PC+ABS is used in the points of junction and in the sealing parts. The surface treatments are as follows, firstly anodized, and then fluorocarbon coating or electrophoresis. These kind of treatments ensure the frame has a high resistance of corrosion and oxidation. The frame won’t color fade and its service life is as long as 30 years.


The whole body use aluminum alloy material, with the unique human nature design, can avoid falling water from ceiling to cause secondary pollution for the cars. This structure is not only easy to clean up also easy to remove pollutants in the tube.


Using PC board, which is 200 times stronger than glass, the sunshading board can keep out more than 98% of the ultraviolet ray after added a UV layer. The board can protect the cars’ surface painting and prevent the rising heat. (The temperature can rise to 60℃ in direct sunlight, but can drop to 40℃ under the board.) The board is inflaming retarding, and can be used more than 15 years in the temperature from -30℃ to 60℃.(thermal deformation at 137.4℃)


  1. Transmission of light: More than 80% transmittance, it won’t be dark when rainy days. Under the blazing sun, the board doesn’t color fade, atomize or change color to interfere lights
  2. Prevent ultraviolet function:the surface has uvioresistant co-extruding layer, which can effectively keep out more than 98% of the ultraviolet ray, and effectively protect the body from uv damage;
  3. Impact resistance: its impact strength is 200 times stronger than common glass, and 20-30 times stronger than acrylic sheets, and 2 times stronger than toughened glass, almost no fracture risk, can prevent the accident high altitude falling objects;
  4. Resistant temperature: -within 40℃ to 120℃ temperature range it will not cause the distortion or the quality change, broke through the regional disparity on the effects of products;
  5. Flame retardancy: according to the national GB8624-97 standard test, is belongs to flame retardant B1 level, there is no fire drop, no gas, can prevent accidental fire for car from directly hurt;
  6. Stays: can cut off a third of heat energy, effectively control the cargo inside temperatures from continuig to rise;
  7. Lighter materials: light weight, guaranteed safety for people and things well that under the carport.



      carport   type




Mrc aluminum carport Membrane structure carport Sunshine boaCrd carport Choi steel carport
Stents part Aluminum alloy material with outstanding corrosin resistance performance, life time 30-50 years Stents part is iron or stainless steel material life time 10 to 15 years. Stents part is iron or steel, life time is around 5 years Stents part is iron or steel, life time is around 5 years
carport top carport  top life time 15-20


Life time 15 to 20 years Life time 5-10 years Life time 3-5 years
Installment Assembly parts, field assembly 1.     First take steel structure on-site welding. Labor cost is high.

2.     Take more attention to installment, such as membrane cloth need to properly disposed. not the stamp on, and other metal shall not be placed together, etc.

On-site welding,

Installation need equipment and the higher labor cost

On-site welding,

Installation need equipment and the higher labor cost

Maintenance costs Almost none Easy to have water, need to handle in time.

Need regular(usually a year)maintenance.

Maintenance cost is higher

If no UV layer, it is easy ageing, ordinary sunlight board need to change every three years, maintenance costs more. Color flake easily, no maintenance value.
Top translucency Over 80 persent 10-20 persent Over 80 persent None
Whole image 1.     The frame is aluminum alloy material, which is not only corrosion resistance, also has various finishing, such as fluorine carbon, electrophoresis and so on, meet the diverse aesthetic demand.

2.   Carport top uses endurance board, besides good pervious to light quality, it has many colors available, the whole carport  is fully bright.

1.     The stents is iron and easy to rust. Finishing is usually white paint and easy to rust.

2.   Carport top is one colour, with white in the majority.

1.     Most top is blue or green colour. Single color is not nice.

2.     Stents parts is easy to rust.

1.     Single style.

2.     Stents part is easy to rust.



Research shows that the vehicle packed in open-air long-term, its performance loss is two times faster than the vehicle parked in carport. And aluminum alloy endurance board shaed will take care of your cars, slow down the ageing speed of the car. on economic point, invest not much but greatly extend life of your vehicle.



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